From Spiral12 To Spiral13


The code for the Model Concepts project is at model_concepts on GitHub.

The code for the Magic Boxes project is at mb_spirals on GitHub. For teaching or learning purposes, each spiral in Magic Boxes is decomposed into several sub-spirals.


In Spiral 12, a model may be saved in a local storage under a model name and later opened by using the model name. A type of a data attribute may be changed from default String to another type. Based on the current item obtained by the Get 1 button (where 1 is determined by the name in the item input field), the next item may be selected by the Get +1 button.

In Spiral 13, there are only minor changes. In the Menu Bar, the File menu is renamed to Model. A model may be opened, saved and closed. In the Tool Bar, the Get 1 (item) button is renamed, as it used to be, to Get. The sequence of buttons is rearranged, so that buttons with -1 are now after buttons with +1 (Figure 12-13.01).

![Alt Figure 12-13.01: Tool Bar] (/img/s12s13/ToolBar.png)

Figure 12-13.01: Tool Bar.


Models in Figure 12-13.02 through Figure 12-13.09 are created with the code from this spiral.

![Alt Figure 12-13.02: Presentation slides] (/img/s12s13/Slides.png)

Figure 12-13.02: Presentation slides.

![Alt Figure 12-13.03: Rush Hour game] (/img/s12s13/RushHour.png)

Figure 12-13.03: Rush Hour game.

![Alt Figure 12-13.04: Quiz tests] (/img/s12s13/Quiz.png)

Figure 12-13.04: Quiz tests.

![Alt Figure 12-13.05: Book library] (/img/s12s13/Library.png)

Figure 12-13.05: Book library.

![Alt Figure 12-13.06: Traveler impressions] (/img/s12s13/Traveler.png)

Figure 12-13.06: Traveler impressions.

![Alt Figure 12-13.07: Product sales] (/img/s12s13/Sales.png)

Figure 12-13.07: Product sales.

![Alt Figure 12-13.08: Team management with the Spiral approach] (/img/s12s13/Teams.png)

Figure 12-13.08: Team management with the Spiral approach.

![Alt Figure 12-13.09: Industrial catalog] (/img/s12s13/Catalog.png)

Figure 12-13.09: Industrial catalog.


In the MenuBar class, the element names changed to reflect the use of Model instead of File.

Code 12-13.01: Model menu.

class MenuBar {
 final Board board;
 // Model
 InputElement modelNameInput;
 ButtonElement openModelButton;
 ButtonElement saveModelButton;
 ButtonElement closeModelButton;

In the Menu Bar, the File menu is renamed to Model. A model may be now opened, saved and closed.

Code 12-13.02: Model menu items.

          <li><input type="text" id="model-name"/></li>
          <li><button id="open-model">Open</button></li>
          <li><button id="save-model">Save</button></li>
          <li><button id="close-model">Close</button></li>

A size of 5 is added to the two input elements. However, this change is not noticeable in the Web page.

Code 12-13.03: Input element size.

<label for="canvasWidth">width</label>
       <input type="number" id="canvasWidth" min="990" size="5"/>
       <label for="canvasHeight">height</label>
       <input type="number" id="canvasHeight" min="580" size="5"/>

The Get 1 button is renamed back to Get (the current item based on the name in the Item field). The buttons to get the previous (-1) item and to move the current item to the previous position are placed after the buttons with +1.

Code 12-13.04: Item buttons.

<button class="button" id="addItem">Add</button>
       <button class="button" id="getItem">Get</button>
       <button class="button" id="getNextItem">Get +1</button>
       <button class="button" id="getPreviousItem">Get -1</button>
       <button class="button" id="moveDownItem">Move +1</button>
       <button class="button" id="moveUpItem">Move -1</button>
       <button class="button" id="removeItem">Remove</button>
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