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There are 10 spirals in the [todo_mvc_spirals] (https://github.com/dzenanr/todo_mvc_spirals) project: from todo_mvc_s00 to todo_mvc_s09. The final version is the [dartling_todos] (https://github.com/dzenanr/dartling_todos) application. This post is about todo_mvc_s02.

In the todo_mvc_s02 spiral, there is a footer (Figure 1),

![Alt Figure 1: todo_mvc_s02] (/img/todo_mvc_s02/tasks_left_todo.png)

Figure 1: Tasks left to do.

with a count of items (tasks) left to do (Code 1).

Code 1: Footer in web/todo_mvc.html.

<footer id="footer">
      <span id="todo-count"><strong>0</strong> item left</span>

There is a change in the lib/todo/mvc/tasks.dart file. There are two new properties (methods) in the Tasks class (Code 2). A subset of entities (here tasks) may be obtained in dartling by using an anonymous, boolean function as the argument of the select method.

Code 2: Properties.

int get completed => select((task) => task.completed).count;
  int get left => count - completed;

There are two new elements in the TodoApp class (Code 3) located in the lib/app/todo_app.dart file. One element is identified by the footer id and the other by the todo-count id from Code 1.

Code 3: Elements.

class TodoApp {
  Tasks tasks;
  var todoWidgets = new List<TodoWidget>();
  Element todoListElement = query('#todo-list');
  Element footerElement = query('#footer');
  Element countElement = query('#todo-count');


When a new task is added, the updateFooterDisplay method (Code 4) is called to prepare the style display value and to update the count of tasks left to be done.

Code 4: Methods in the TodoApp class.

void updateFooterDisplay() {
    var display = todoWidgets.length == 0 ? 'none' : 'block';
    footerElement.style.display = display;

  void updateCount() {
    countElement.innerHTML =
        '<b>${tasks.left}</b> item${tasks.left != 1 ? 's' : ''} left';

When a task is completed, the number of tasks to do changes. In the TodoWidget class, located in the lib/app/todo_widget.dart file, a reaction to the click event on the toggle element includes now a call (Code 5) to the updateCount method of the TodoApp class.

Code 5: Update count.

toggleElement.on.click.add((MouseEvent e) {

To be able to call the updateCount method, the application object is passed to the constructor of the TodoWidget class (Code 6).

Code 6: Application parameter.

class TodoWidget {
  Task task;
  TodoApp todoApp;
  Element element;
  Element toggleElement;

  TodoWidget(this.task, this.todoApp);
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