Category Links Model

I have created the Category Links application to show how to use data in a simple model through web components. Both the model and its corresponding web components for displaying, adding, editing, removing and saving data are part of the [dartlero_category_links] ( application project.

A model for the Category Links application has two concepts and one relationship (Figure 1).

![Alt Figure 1: graphical model] (/img/dartlero/category_links_model.png)

Figure 1: Graphical model.

The application page uses several web components. Two of them are presented in Figure 2.

![Alt Figure 2: web components] (/img/web_components_with_dartlero/web_category_links.png)

Figure 2: Web components.

The model is explained in the [Category Links Model in dartlero] ( document. The web components will be explained in the next blog post.

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