Dart Cookbook

Dart Cookbook is about quick answers to common problems. There are more than 110 useful recipes for client and server applications. The book’s author, Ivo Balbaert, knows Dart well as this is his second book on Dart. The first one is Learning Dart by the same publisher. The reviewers of the book are all well known Dartisans.

The first two chapters are about Dart tools and how to organize, test and deploy applications. The next two chapters are on optional data types and object orientation of Dart. Chapter 5 covers some important issues in client applications. Chapters 6 to 11 treat more advanced concepts in Dart.: files, streams, Web servers, futures, tasks, isolates, databases, Polymer and AngularDart.

Dart Cookbook is for developers that already know Dart but want to get straight answers to many common problems in both client and server applications.

Each recipe is organized in a similar way around the following structure:

This structure will help you get answers to your questions quickly without wasting your time reading many lines of text before you find what you need. However, this is not a short book. It has more than 300 pages. With more than 100 recipes, I am sure that you will discover some new insights into development of client and server applications with Dart.

Dart Cookbook

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